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The Boomerang Bay version of the perfect golden margarita has hints of orange and other natural fruit flavors. Mix with quality tequila and enjoy a smooth and great tasting margarita!

Margarita Mix from Boomerang Bay Mixers

Boomerang Bay Bloody Mary, Margarita and Pina Colada Mix. Perfect for a delicious summer cocktail!

Take yourself to the tropics with Boomerang Bay Pina Colada. Generous amounts of Cream of Coconut and natural fruit flavors create an incredibly smooth refreshing cocktail. Even try it on the rocks with dark rum!

Not too sweet and not too tart. Boomerang Bay Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail has loads of strawberry puree giving it a bright fresh fruity flavor. Just add the ice and rum. Also, try it added to our Margarita or Pina Colada mix for a new twist!

Bloody Mary, Pina Colada, and Margarita Mix from Boomerang Bay

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