Victoria Falls, Africa

Rainbow waterfall. Double rainbow. In a double rainbow, a second arc is seen outside the primary arc, and has the order of its colours reversed

ZAMBIA, Victoria Falls

Yosemite Falls, Lunar Rainbow Photo and caption by Jeremy Evans

Double Rainbow

northern lights..

Rainbows in the clouds ♡ ♡

Waterfalls of Gods, Iceland

Angel Falls, the world's highest waterfall is in Venezuela

People on snow-covered ice at the base of the frozen American Falls, Niagara Falls, New York. Photo by George Barker, copyrighted 1883.

Niagara Falls at Night. One of the wonders of the world. It really is amazing to experience in person.

Elowah Falls, Oregon

Rainbow clouds

35 Amazing Places In Our Amazing World (Oregons Proxy Falls)

Blyde River Canyon - South Africa

Stormy sky and rainbow in Masai Mara, Kenya. ja I've seen this so many times, notice the clear skies below the rainbow...proof of the healing message of the Rainbow people. ja


21 Glorious Photos of Double Rainbows Around the World - My Modern Metropolis

Victoria Station, skies of London

Vintage American Images Niagara Falls frozen over, 1883.

✯ Niagara Falls