Prepárate Conmigo: Vacaciones Trenzas // #Conmigo #Prepárate #Trenzas #vacaciones

Prepárate Conmigo: Vacaciones Trenzas

Hairstyle for Samantha! This is a elegant and girly hairstyle, well suited for Samantha's character as she is portrayed as the girly, popular and pretty teen throughout the play - Nazia Hassan

Penteado para o dia a dia

Big braided messy bun tutorial video cute prom wedding everyday hairstyles Second Day Hairstyles

Penteado? Só se for prático !

* Seek To Be Merry * Holiday hair - The Braid Bun Bang. This braided top knot bun is a great style for ladies with bangs. via The Beauty Department

Elionora Otacilio: Três tipos de penteados para ir a escola ou faculdade.

Put hair in a pony tale put a piece of hair to the side. Braid it then put hair in bun. Wrap the braid around the bun! It's that simple!

One of my favorite simple hair styles right easy to do.

Easy to do for class or Sunday brunch with your girls. Tease the hair on top of the crown of your head for some volume. Grab the hair closest to your ears and twist or braid and tie with a clear elastic band. Simple and so cute

Lauren Conrad always has perfect hair.  Love this long wavy look with a chunky accent braid, great for growing out bangs / fringe.

Dicas de tranças para festas

I love Lauren Conrad. Everything from her hair, her make-up, her style, and just how she presents herself.

Como Fazer | Coque Trança Rabo de Peixe (Fishtail Bun) | urban glamourous

Como Fazer

Fishtail Bun - Step one: Put all of your hair into a high ponytail. Step two: Braid the ponytail into a fishtail braid. Step three: Wrap the braid around the base of the ponytail, creating a fishtail braid bun. Secure with bobby pins.