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the cascade/waterfall braid with you. I think it's really easy to do on yourself, and others, and you can switch it up a bit to match your day's style. We decided to use it for a halo shape! Step One: Begin with a standard 3 strand braid. Step Two: After 3 or 4 weaves, drop a strand. Gather a new strand that pulls the braid toward your wanted direction. Repeat as many times as necessary until you get your desired shape. It really is that easy! * If you pull at strands as you go, you can get an even more defined braid shape (like Elsie's)! Love, Sarah

Digging the double braid. Image via lulufrost

Looks like a hair style I should learn how to do on myself. So uber awesome. Photography by, Floral Design Decor by

I need to do this for my bike basket in the spring (ribbons woven will make things less likely to fall out)

spring nails - green floral and pink and white stripes

spring - flowers and totally adorable garden boots with polka dots and pink bows! Makes my heart smile.