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SYPHILIS ~ stay away from dance halls! Watch yourselves, ladies! It would appear that wartime soldiers were STD-riddled whores! ;D

The 12 Best World War II STD Posters

vintage photo Syphilis sexually transmitted disease, All of these men soldiers have it, Women Stay away from dance halls, World War Two propaganda

vintage magazine ads | There are so many coca-cola ads which took a huge part in the 1950s ...

Marilyn Monroe Discovers The World’s Most Glamorous Make-up…From The Westmores of Hollywood. Ad by Westmore Hollywood Cosmetics published in Life Magazine ca.


Old ad: "Your Nutrition Tip: Butter is slippery. That's why we eat as much as possible to lubricate our arteries and veins." So far it has worked for me. - This type of ad is shocking to me.


Here’s an old print ad for Chiquita Bananas with a couple of adorable kids. This is just wrong!

Vintage Ads for Heroin, Weed & Other Old-Time Medicines

Vintage Ads for Heroin, Weed & Other Old-Time Medicines

1906 Cannabis Indica Fluidextract Medicine made available by the American Druggist Syndicate in NY. This medicine was made from the flowering tops of cannabis sativa. an indica product made with sativa.

$2000 to look like you're not wearing a bra?! How about you just don't wear a bra if that's the look you want. You can do that for free.

Nipple bra to look like you are not wearing a bra, while you are! No one would believe you are actually wearing a bra the ad states, nevermind the backfat that is always a dead give away. File this under EWWWW!

My first little boob job.... lmaooooo this is hilarious

lovely: Illustrator Bob Staake has created 25 Bad Children’s Books, with titles like “Bukowski for Kids,” “Dead Whales Can’t Wave Back,” “Mommy Needs to Go to Detox,” and many more. All are done in classic “Golden Books” childrens style.

How times have changed...

Vintage Weight GAIN Ads from how times have changed. bkuschova Vintage Weight GAIN Ads from how times have changed. Vintage Weight GAIN Ads from how times have changed.

More Doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette!

Vintage Ads - Those were the days!

Oh, these ut worst than that, this vintage advertisement encourages smoking, boasting that because more doctors smoke Camel cigarettes, then they must be good for your health!intage Ads That Should Have Been Banned - Likes

Zero Calorie Seafood... Manhattan Style Fish Butt!  -- best funny pictures walmart humor fail jokes

I'm speechless. I didn't know this was such an important part of the fish. Imagine the guy on the assembly line, "Whatchyir job?" "Oh I cut off fish butt holes. And Manhattan style? Does it make fish assholes taste better?

omg that's horrible! Is it bad that I still got a good laugh out of it though...?

10 Vintage WTF Moments

Ugly children, this photo is fun and sad. if someone truly put their kids there shame on them.

Become a witch

Cats in Art, Photography and Illustration: "The Academy of Mystic Arts invites you to become a WITCH!

☞ MD ☆☆☆ Devil's harvest.

Marijuana Devils Harvest Vintage Movie Poster Canvas Print by Retro Movie Posters & Propaganda Art on