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    • Susan Roell

      container, black elephant ear

    • Rebecca Paul

      Beautiful planter

    • Southern Guide to Life

      Black calocasia has plenty going for it. The very large wavy leaves are a standout. Its willingness to grow is only limited by the size of the container its grown. Inky fingers coleus is a favorite for companion contrast. The black leaves are outlined in the most outrageously electric kelly green. In this container, the color black is the dominant element. TA small dash of lime licorice is just enough to keep all that big black from looking gloomy.

    • Emily Morton

      love the dark colors

    • Leslea McCabe

      outdoor pot 2

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    Ppair of Italian pots with 2 gallon size zebra grasses, and finished up all around with lime variegated plectranthus

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    Black calocasia, a purple black leaved coleus, and moses in the cradle, Now that's a planter, love the "black" color. Wish I had warm enough and long enough growing season for this to get this big!

    This is a great combo of striped leaf blush pink canna, Amber waves heuchera and sedges - simple, sleek, versatile.

    Planting of Persian Shield, pink New Guineas, peach petunias, and variegated licorice.

    Belgian boxes are visual stoppers at the corner of this terrace. Bananas, calocasias, alocasias, cannas, farfugium, tibouchina grandiflora.... can easily handle holding down the fort. Smaller planting of a lemon tree, and a pastel mix of petunias, would be lost without the big backup. Stunning plants!!

    Had a bay tree, but was very unruly so gave it to Susan. Going to find better behaved one soon!

    one of my favorite looks, black elephant plant; just sets everything else off and looks exotic. To

    Many pond plants also grow well in regular container gardens or in-ground gardens with potting soil instead if submerged in water. Plants that can be potted in both are: elephant ear (taro), Japanese or Louisiana water iris, umbrella palm, papyrus, spider lily, rush and cattails, horsetail rush, creeping jenny, cork screw rush, canna, and rain lily

    This is a great way to use those broken clay pots, and I have a lot of those!