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What 'Black Lives' Means in Britain

<span class="excerpt-inner">The fantasy version of African-American culture exported to the rest of the world is a barrier to greater solidarity. </span><a href="" class="more-link">Read more...</a>

from Offbeat Home & Life

Hoodwinked, one father's take on the circumcision debate

On circumcision:: It's not like birth isn't traumatic enough for them. It is like coming back from a Caribbean vacation to a blizzard, and then someone cuts off your toe.

from Salon

Rand Paul: Tea Party’s been “hijacked and hoodwinked” by “false conservative” Donald Trump

Trump immediately responded on Twitter, calling the him "a spoiled brat without a properly functioning brain"

A Bill Clinton operative and representative of Hillary Clinton’s IT firm, masquerading as a reporter, was recently hired by a FOX television affiliate in Denver. Jerome Corsi reports: The Fox television affiliate in Denver has hired a reporter to cover politics, including Monday night’s presidential election debate, without disclosing he is a former speechwriter and …

from The Daily Beast

Does Ted Cruz Think He’s the Messiah?

Rafael Cruz, father of Ted Cruz, is a preacher of the far-right doctrine of dominionism, which holds that Christians should take over the government and save it from the wicked.

History Lesson ~ Bet many of you did not know Hillary Clinton was RELENTLESS during Watergate investigation! DEMANDING to know what Nixon knew and when he knew it! Hypocrite much "What difference does it make now" Hillary?

Vaccine researcher charged with felony crimes for research fraud; may spend 20 years in prison over faked AIDS vaccine - Healthy Holistic Li...