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    Jacquetta, Duchess of Bedford pencil sketch by artist Mark Satchwill (love him) via Susan Higginbotham

    Elizabeth Woodville

    The funeral effigy of Elizabeth of York, Henry VIII's mother. Daughter of Elizabeth Woodville

    Queen Elizabeth Woodville. Wife of Edward IV, mother of Elizabeth of York, Henry VIII's grandmother.

    Elizabeth Woodville statue, Grandmother to HenryVIII

    Mary of York, daughter to Edward IV & Elizabeth Woodville.

    Bridget Of York - daughter of Edward IV and Queen Elizabeth Woodville

    Elizabeth Woodville Cosmo, seen on Susan Higginbotham's blog. LOL. Of course he's cheating Liz.

    JACQUETTA OF LUXEMBORG - . Duchess of Bedford; Countess Rivers (Woodville). Mother of English Queen ELIZABETH WOODVILLE . Consort of King Edward IV. Jacquetta came from an illustrious European lineage and so caused a scandal when she secretly married Sir Richard Woodville - a common knight - after the death of her 1st husband, the Duke of Bedford, brother of King Henry V.

    jacquetta of luxembourg

    Jacquetta Of Luxembourg Elizabeths mother

    The Woodvilles: Behind the Myth with Susan Higginbotham

    Elizabeth Woodville - eldest daughter of Jacquetta of Luxembourg and Richard Woodville, Baron of Rivers

    John Duke of Bedford (1389-1435), brother of Henry V of England. Married Anne of Burgundy as his first wife, and, as his second spouse, and her first, Jacquetta of Luxembourg, with no issue resulting from either marriage. It was he who caused Joan of Arc to be burned in Rouen as a witch. Jacquetta was the mother of Elizabeth Woodville by her second marriage, making her the grandmother of Elizabeth of York, the consort of Henry VII.

    Richard Woodville, 1st Earl Rivers and his wife, Jaquetta of Luxembourg. They are the parents of Elizabeth Woodville and Prince Arthur's maternal great-grandparents. Richard was a knight in the household of Jacquetta's first husband, the Duke of Bedford, whom she married after the Duke died and had something like 14 children with. Love this story!

    Holbein sketch of Henry VIII

    To compliment the Elizabeth Woodville image pinned earlier, here is another from Mark Satchwill Art, Edward IV, her husband and the King who was at his best when things were at their worst, and arguably at his worst when things were going well.

    Edward IV, son of Cecily Neville and Richard, Duke of York, father of the "princes in the tower"

    Elizabeth I c1570s, attributed to Federico Zuccaro. This sketch can be viewed at Sudeley Castle.

    A sketch of Anne Boleyn. Holbein's portraits of her may have been destroyed by Henry VIII

    The arms of Thomas Grey, 1st Marquess of Dorset (eldest son of Elizabeth Woodville and her first husband Sir John Grey of Groby)