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    • Susan Morgan

      Jacquetta, Duchess of Bedford pencil sketch by artist Mark Satchwill (love him) via Susan Higginbotham

    • Lennie Freeman

      After talking with Norah again this morning, I can't help but get out the pencils and draw her. She seems so sad, stuck between worlds. We made the decision to start to try and look through the Grimoire to find the spell to restore her and Corax. But something tells me that nothing will work till we defeat Beira. I brought tons and tons of pictures this morning of Aidan and Jenn and the twins for her along with Richard and Gretchen's wedding photos. She was so happy to see her sons living the life she had imagined for them rather than one torn down by cruelty and tragedy. I told her about Aidan's recent behavior and that was the only downside this morning. At first she talked about taking Jenn to the other world to talk to her, like she did me before, but I stressed it was too dangerous. I promised to keep an eye on them and report any more odd behavior.

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    Henry Fitzroy (son of Henry the 8th and Bessie Blount)

    Reported to be the necklace of Jane Seymour, third wife of King Henry V111, mother of King Edward V1. Beautiful.

    The Tudor Dynasty 11 June 1456 - Birth of Anne Neville at Warwick Castle.She was an English queen, the daughter of Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick (the "Kingmaker"). She became Princess of Wales as the wife of Edward of Westminster and then Queen of England as the wife of King Richard III.

    Jane Seymour became Henry VIII's wife on May 30th, 1536. One of her first orders was to ban 'French fashions' for her Ladies in Waiting, and her Maids of Honor.

    Leeds Castle, or better to say, The Castle of Queens, as its history closely tied with Queens of England. The castle is known since the 9th century and is still called after the name of its founder and first owner, Lid and Lidian. The facts about Leeds Castle were written in Domesday Book. In different eras the castle belonged to Eleanor of Castile, Marguerite de France, Isabella de France, Katherine of Aragon. Future Elizabeth I was hold there in a prison.

    The main staircase in Blickling Hall, Norfolk, UK, birthplace of Anne Boleyn

    The Honours of Scotland (Scottish Crown Jewels) dating from the 15th and 16th centuries, are the oldest set of Crown Jewels in the British Isles.

    Stained Glass at Cardiff Castle - Queen Elizabeth Woodville and King Edward IV

    Stained glass images of Henry VII & Elizabeth of York at Cardiff Castle, Cardiff, Wales.

    Detail from the Black Book of the Garter of Henry VIII praying by an Unknown Artist, c.1534-41.

    Earliest known picture of Elizabeth, probably around age 4 or 5. She was only 2 when her mother was executed.

    Elisabeth of Austria (5 July 1554 – 22 January 1592) was a German princess, daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II, by birth Archduchess of Austria and by marriage Queen of France. The King, Charles IX of France, curious about his future wife, dressed himself as a soldier and went to Sedan to observe her incognito while she was walking in the palace of Sedan's garden with Henry: he was reportedly happy about what he saw.

    Anne of Bohemia (1366 - 1394). First wife of Richard II. Queen from 1382 - 1394. She never had children and her death left her husband so devastated that his actions lost him the throne.

    The Bayeux Tapestry - chronicles the events leading up to the Norman conquest of England. It is actually an embroidered cloth and is nearly 230 feet long. The fact that it survived in such amazing shape since its creation (no one knows exactly when but it is mentioned in the 1400's) is incredible...

    Henry VIII and his six wives (in order) by reconstruction artist M.A. Ludwig. This is just how I imagine they all really looked.

    8 October 1200, the day Isabella of Angouleme is crowed Queen Consort of England as queen to King John.

    Medieval medicine chest

    “Interiors of the Winter Palace. The Boudoir of Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna”.

    Interior of a Medieval home. Not sure what the floor is here, but it would have been plain dirt back then.

    Louis VI Capet, King of France 1081 - 1137 26th GGF

    Queen Marie Antoinette's traveling chest, 18th century

    Stephen I of England. He was the son of Stephen of Blois and Adela of England, who was the daughter of William the Conqueror. He married Matilda I of Boulogne, and had 5 children with her.

    Arundel Castle ~ Sussex England