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    • Susan Morgan

      Jacquetta, Duchess of Bedford pencil sketch by artist Mark Satchwill (love him) via Susan Higginbotham

    • Lennie Freeman

      After talking with Norah again this morning, I can't help but get out the pencils and draw her. She seems so sad, stuck between worlds. We made the decision to start to try and look through the Grimoire to find the spell to restore her and Corax. But something tells me that nothing will work till we defeat Beira. I brought tons and tons of pictures this morning of Aidan and Jenn and the twins for her along with Richard and Gretchen's wedding photos. She was so happy to see her sons living the life she had imagined for them rather than one torn down by cruelty and tragedy. I told her about Aidan's recent behavior and that was the only downside this morning. At first she talked about taking Jenn to the other world to talk to her, like she did me before, but I stressed it was too dangerous. I promised to keep an eye on them and report any more odd behavior.

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    Another one with the draped braids like like to do. I'm really interesting on what's going on in with the loose hair too the side too. Maybe a really loose braid on curly hair, but the braid seems to start above the circlet. I need to get some more angles.

    Elizabeth Woodville, Wife of King Edward IV of England. Not Tudor, but instrumental in the War of the Roses which led to the Tudor dynasty.

    Elizabeth Woodville Cosmo, seen on Susan Higginbotham's blog. After marrying the king of England for love she was hated for her family becoming too powerful. Her sons were the famous princes in the tower

    JACQUETTA OF LUXEMBOURG - . Duchess of Bedford; Countess Rivers (Woodville). Mother of English Queen ELIZABETH WOODVILLE . Consort of King Edward IV. Jacquetta came from an illustrious European lineage and so caused a scandal when she secretly married Sir Richard Woodville - a common knight - after the death of her 1st husband, the Duke of Bedford, brother of King Henry V.

    Mark Satchwill Jaquetta, Duchess of Bedford, Digital, Artrage, 2013. This is a piece he did last year for a book, "The Woodvilles", by Susan Higginbotham. Susan requested the portrait as there are no exisiting images of Jaquetta, who was the mother of Elizabeth Woodville, wife of Edward IV and mother of the Princes in the Tower.

    Elizabeth Woodville (also spelled Wydeville or Widvile; c. 1437[1] – 8 June 1492) was Queen consort of England as the spouse of King Edward IV from 1464 until his death in 1483. Elizabeth was a key figure in the series of dynastic civil wars known as the Wars of the Roses. Her first husband, Sir John Grey of Groby was killed at the Second Battle of St Albans. Her children included the Princes in the Tower and Elizabeth of York; the latter made her the maternal grandmother of Henry VIII.

    The Woodvilles: Behind the Myth with Susan Higginbotham

    John Duke of Bedford (1389-1435), brother of Henry V of England. Married Anne of Burgundy as his first wife, and, as his second spouse, and her first, Jacquetta of Luxembourg, with no issue resulting from either marriage. It was he who caused Joan of Arc to be burned in Rouen as a witch. Jacquetta was the mother of Elizabeth Woodville by her second marriage, making her the grandmother of Elizabeth of York, the consort of Henry VII.

    Elizabeth Woodville: Marriage to Edward IV.And then she met Edward. The story goes that Elizabeth heard he was in the neighborhood near her castle at Grafton, so she waited for him beneath a tree now known in Northamptonshire as “the queen’s oak,” with her two sons. When he arrived she begged him to restore their lands and he was love-struck. Of course, Edward, the playboy that he was, did not actually want to marry Elizabeth and she did not want to settle for anything less. Playing hard ...

    Richard Woodville, 1st Earl Rivers and his wife, Jaquetta of Luxembourg. They are the parents of Elizabeth Woodville and Prince Arthur's maternal great-grandparents. Richard was a knight in the household of Jacquetta's first husband, the Duke of Bedford, whom she married after the Duke died and had something like 14 children with. Love this story!

    Holbein sketch of Henry VIII. The US was founded as an extension of the United Kingdom....thus the United States. Don't let the revolution fool you. All US presidents have had blood ties to the royal family ( save 1)- Clinton being one of them. Bill Gates is also related. See new world order.