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The Panhead chopper Jeff simply calls: "My 58" was featured in the July 2011 edition of the Cycle Source magazine. Description from I searched for this on

Galaxy Tripping, Singleton Hippie Art, The Original: "We stood waist deep/in the vinyl pool,/mermaids suspended in time,/and watched as the lavender/powder puffs in the sky above us,/swirled and/twirled/and took on a cotton candy life of their own.//We heard the boom,/felt the shake, rattle, and time moving on...//The view out of my world,/out of this world,/is gorgeous....."//Words and artwork (c) Singleton 2010

Fiddle Rocker No. 3. If Zac ever moved to the south and got addicted to iced tea, this chair would be for him.