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Classroom Management- I should note that I have used a video for myself, but I like the idea of sharing with the students. That can be a very powerful tool.

Classroom Management

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This is helpful because while it does support PBL in the classroom, it gives tips to the teacher for maintaining management. I think this will be really helpful to me, especially my first year teaching.

Classroom Management: Resource Roundup | Edutopia

Classroom Management: Resource Roundup

Looking for information on guiding classroom communities, minimizing disruptions, and developing class routines to help students stay engaged and focused on learning? This resource collection is packed with useful tips, tools, and advice.

non-verbal classroom management tips to ease the stress and add the education

Non-verbal classroom management tips

What does nonverbal classroom management look like and how can a teacher keep students focused on learning without using words or sounds? Here are five very simple, no-cost, low-tech ways that have worked for one teacher over the years.

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<b>You'll be the talk of the teacher's lounge with these smart classroom ideas.</b>

25 Clever Classroom Tips For Elementary School Teachers

Building teacher morale one thought bubble at a time

How To BOOST Teacher Morale At Your School

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Sometimes you need to say it

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Teacher Tools to "Technify" Your Classroom!

By Bethany Petty The classrooms of today have the potential to look vastly different than those of the past. Many teachers have access to a vast array of technology tools that can be used in the classroom to increase student engagement.

Get cheap whiteboards by buying melamine or shower board panels from a hardware store.

Get cheap whiteboards by buying melamine or shower board panels from a hardware store.

Listen Up, Students! Attention Signals That Work |

Quickly getting the attention of our students is an important managment skill for a smoothly functioning classroom. Watch teachers use various attention signals in their classrooms and explain how they make these attention signals work.

Free Technology for Teachers: A Seven Part Guide to Video Editing Fundamentals

Wistia is a great video hosting tool that I've written about in the past. Besides using it to host videos, I've used it to convert video .

Teacher Tools to "Technify" Your Classroom!

Teacher Tools to "Technify" Your Classroom! Kahoot, Flippity Edpuzzle, Geddit, and edpuzzle are extremely helpful!