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"Not one to be impressed with or put off by outward appearances, God sees us as we truly are." - Pam Thorson #caregivers #caregiving

"As we struggle to keep our heads above water in the midst of the storm, we may not realize God is already engaged in our rescue." - Pam Thorson #caregivers #caregiving #quotes

"Since God hasn't revealed the next turn in our lives, we must resist the urge to peer ahead and guess where the road is taking us." - Pam Thorson #caregivers #caregiving #quotes

"Caregivers live in the daily shadows of death, countless duties, and shattered dreams. But they don't have to exist in the shadows of their faith." - Pam Thorson #quotes #caregivers #caregiving

"It's not where you come from, but where you're headed, that matters." - Pam Thorson. #quotes #caregivers #hope

"Forgiveness is a strange kind of walled garden - exceedingly ugly as we approach it, but breathtakingly beautiful once we've stepped inside." - Pam Thorson #caregivers #caregiving