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Cool #infographic on #recycling cardboard. It requires 75% less energy to recycle cardboard than to make it from raw materials.

Recycling Facts.................. Visit:

How To Save Energy - Tips for saving Energy Graphic

NOAA's Marine Debris Blogfrom NOAA's Marine Debris Blog

Bring your plastic back to life – Recycle

Recycling Infographic #recycle

Recycling is a win-win for all. Helps to create new jobs and new industries and makes our country stronger. If we don't work on creating new jobs in our country, the recycled plastic is shipped to other countries like China and they get all the benefits. Making goods from recycled materials saves money, energy costs, and pollution. Takes less energy and money to make goods from recycled materials than raw oil. Don't drink out of #7 plastic to avoid BPA a chemical with potential risks.

how much do we really recycle infographic


How to Recycle Scrap Metal

How to Recycle Metal - This infographic about metal recycling is interesting. I had no idea they measured for radiation when they recycle metal.

How Much Do We Really Recycle: Infographic

Recycling Glass Facts #infographic #recycling


How to Recycle Paper

How to Recycle Paper - Earth911 has an amazing database of recycling locations. I use it all the time to find places to recycle things like paper. This recycling infographic about paper recycling is really interesting.

#Recycling infographic via America Recycles Day

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Detrimental Effects of Plastic & Impact Of Recycling Plastics Inforgraphic

Plastic Recycling #Infographic

MNN - Mother Nature Networkfrom MNN - Mother Nature Network

What bathroom products can -- and can’t -- be recycled

What bathroom products can -- and can’t -- be recycled #recycle


Infographic: The Impact of Cell Phone Recycling

#infographic Cell phone recycling #ecycling - bad good good good and good to know...