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  • Isabel Villegas Hurtado

    Save Trees, Recycle Your Moving Boxes [INFOGRAPHIC] #reduce #reuse #recycle #upcycle #repurpose #infographic #moving #boxes

  • Lisa Harris

    Save Trees and Recycle Moving Boxes - life cycle

  • G. Bernal Arango

    June 1st is the most popular moving day for most of the US.  If you’re moving this Summer, pay attention to this infographic.  Be responsible.

  • Kelly Longfellow

    Photo: When you make that move across country, you need to take mother earth into consideration.

  • Bounce Energy

    This cool infographic shows you how can you save electricity, energy & landfill space by #recycling your moving boxes!

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Recycling Facts Ultra One #NatureFriendly Cleaner & Degreaser believes in making the world easier to #clean. www.safeandgreenc... Learn more about our safe and Ultra-Effective Cleaner & Degreaser!

Using The Energy In Your Home More Efficiently ---

Recycling is a win-win for all. Helps to create new jobs and new industries and makes our country stronger. If we don't work on creating new jobs in our country, the recycled plastic is shipped to other countries like China and they get all the benefits. Making goods from recycled materials saves money, energy costs, and pollution. Takes less energy and money to make goods from recycled materials than raw oil. Don't drink out of #7 plastic to avoid BPA a chemical with potential risks.

Fact: CFLs use 75% less energy, and last about 10x longer, than incandescent bulbs.

Recycling... the good, the better, the best.

Cardboard Recycling Stats Infographic by Assured Self Storage, a Dallas self storage company.

How much do we really recycle? As for glass, paper and metals, recycling is the answer. But plastic recycling requires more virgin plastic to make something that really can't be recycled again. Refuse, Reduce, and Reuse is the answer.

There is no excuse not to recycle. >> Nifty infographic shows the ins and outs of recycling | MNN - Mother Nature Network

This says it all. How can you not recycle after reading these stats!

Recycling statistics you didn't know. Hang on, I thought Hong Kong claimed to have a recycling rate of 48%, why are they not in the top 5?