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Living as One The life expectancy for conjoined twins who are unable to be separated strongly depends on what organs they share. Conjoined twins that share a heart for example have a low survival rate. Ronnie and Donnie Gaylon are currently the world’s oldest living conjoined twins at 61 years old. They have separate stomachs, lungs, and hearts, but share one large intestine and a single set of male reproductive organs. Their longevity is a medical miracle by itself

Ronnie and Donnie Galyon are the world's oldest living set of conjoined twins and also the world's only adult male conjoined twins. Born in Dayton, Ohio on October 28, 1951, the brothers, joined from the sternum to the groin, were delivered vaginally. According to Ward Hall, the twins' mother rejected them when they were born, leaving them to be raised by their father, Wesley, and later stepmother Mary. Because they share a single set of male organs, doctors decided not to separate them.

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Siamese Twins or Conjoined Twins- Births of conjoined twins, whose skin and internal organs are fused together, are rare. Conjoined twins occur once every 200,000 live births. Approximately 40 to 60 percent of conjoined twins arrive stillborn, and about 35 percent survive only one day. The overall survival rate of conjoined twins is somewhere between 5 percent and 25 percent. Approximately 70 percent of all conjoined twins are girls.

After having jaw, teeth, tongue and nerve tissue replaced, face transplant recipient regains speechFifteen years ago, Richard Lee Norris was shot in the face in a gun accident. He lost his nose, lips and most of the movement in his mouth.He was horribly disfigured, and he spent most of the next decade and a half in hiding, venturing out only occasionally at night in a cap and a surgical mask.Today, after this comprehensive face transplant, he can walk past people without a second look.