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VALENTINES DAY EVENT!!! Well, it's not starting yet, BUT we must make preparations ! (OvO) we are going to have a ball, because they tend to be romantic! If you want, you can ask other members to be your date to the ball! The actual ball will be the 12th-14th. Post your outfits before then! If you think I should add / change anything, just comment below!!-Admin

Fairy Tail - June (Poor people who got AOT, TG and / or Another (a lot of deaths..) || Anime

The Best Part of Fairy Tail x Rave OVA <-- I haven't seen this ye. It looks cool! Can someone tell me about it?

Fairy Tail. Lucy tell's Natsu about her date. I think Natsu took that not add I'm ditching you bit as I'm going out with another boy and not you.

Another LP~~ A ver, hmmm, empecemos con las imágenes, el render de Natsu lo hice de una imagen de thank you so much!! y el render de Igneel... ni idea. xD Igual, los demás recursos utiliz...