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the fisher price cash register

The good old fisher-price cash register. played with this thing till i was way too old but i needed a cash register for my play restaurant

Fisher Price cash register. I loved this toy!

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Fisher Price stove lol

Vintage Fisher Price stove top with burners that turn red. Remember this?

Fisher-Price Stove                                                                                                                                                      More

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Fisher Price Stove -TOTALLY wish my parents still had mine

I used to love my LP house!!

Little people fisher price toy - When I win the lottery (yeah, right!), I will have a room where I can display all the Fisher Price Little People I shall collect. Most favorite doll house.

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Fisher Price Dishes & Stove- I totally had this.when you twist the yellow knobs, the stove burner color changes to an orange, underneath the reflective/clear plastic.

Little People Fisher Price - my sister had these; I played with them all the time :)

Vintage Fisher-Price Little People, of course. There's something about these iconic little figures that puts a smile on my face every time I see them. Fisher-Price manufactured Little People in this form from the through the Loved!

Fisher Price Fun with food: Cracked eggs and bacon.

Fisher Price Fun with food: Cracked eggs and bacon. I remember vividly playing with these on my fisher price kitchen set outside.

Fisher price farms 80s/90s toys im a girl and i still played with them C:

I still have my barn! The door still moos (sort of) // 22 Awesome Fisher-Price Little People Playsets You Wish You Still Had