love this!

praying together before the wedding. I am totally in love with this idea!! :) I normally don't repin wedding stuff, but when I do, it's for adorable stuff like lthis

pre-wedding pictures without breaking tradition. :)

This is definitely happening.

Some of my bridesmaid don't know Christ, they can't bless me in the way I understand as most important. But I can bless them by giving the best in the world. I want to give them Jesus. Lord help me do that, please let me act as the bridge. This is important, and you are life changing. Move through me,

Having the bridal party pray over the new husband and wife, great idea!


praying for the couple

Purple! Love that the brides' wearing color shoes and the bridesmaids white. Love the purple socks!

This classic A-line wedding dress is perfect for a traditional bride.

pre-wedding field day. bridesmaids vs groomsmen to get acquainted and rid pre wedding jitters = cute

Love this photo with the bride and grooms men and one with the groom and brides maids!

Bride and groom praying together before their wedding. This is the kind of relationship I hope to have with my husband some day!

absolutely 100% in LOVE with this photo!

Wedding Idea - have the grandmothers be the flower girls! This is a brilliant idea & something no one would ever forget! This is the best pin - ever!

TOO cute and so many good ideas


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Great idea..a picture with the wedding dress and flower girl dress. So precious!