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Born & Raised Now On iTunes, Purchase Now.

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Life Is Good

Of Life

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John Mayer

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Hand painted Journey Les Paul by Miriam Paternoster

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Starting to really love Gibson guitars after my husband bought me one for Christmas!

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Gibson guitar

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9 Amazing Infographics For Guitar Freaks

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Not sure where to start, pedal-wise? | 9 Amazing Infographics For Guitar Freaks

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where the light is

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David Turnley

Field Hand

60 Hours

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The Farm

Sunday Morning

Morning South

A worker on the farm plays the guitar with his daughter on a Sunday morning before he goes to work as a field hand, he works 60 hours a week for a salary of $30 a month, South Africa, by David Turnley 1986 | by Photo Tractatus

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Total Guitar



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Martin Guitar

Ed Sheeran

The new Total Guitar has landed at Westside, with Ed Sheeran on the cover clutching his trusty LX1 Little Martin

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pickett. dupree. hendrix.