Do you remember Ocean City’s “Morbid Manor”? It first opened in 1975, and became one of the most memorable icons on the O.C. Boardwalk. It was unlike the current Haunted House, which is a “ride-through” attraction. The Morbid Manor was a two story walk through experience, with live actors and real props! It’s towering appearance and realistic façade scared visitors for many years! Unfortunately, the Manor burned to the ground in 1995, after being completely redone the year before.

The Morbid Manor....I was always WAY too afraid to go in!

Again every year


Wymering Manor in Portsmouth is one ofthe Most Haunted Houses in England...

Vacation destination, Ocean City, MD Boardwalk- our family had gone every summer for 20 years.

Early morning Bethany Beach boardwalk

One of my favorite rides as a kid! Apparently this is from the 70's which makes me a little nervous...It was 20+ years old!!

Franklin Castle Cleveland, USA (by Bob Trinnes) often referred to as the most haunted house in all of Ohio

The Boardwalk

Funni-Frite Haunted House Dark Ride ad, 1960s

The Zipper - one of the rides resembling a torture device, Maryland State Fair, Timonium, MD (by M.V. Jantzen, via Flickr) This ride is fun as long as you don't keep flipping a billion times..

Ocean City Boardwalk, this place! Spent many years here as a child!

Abandoned Haunted House Nara Dreamland, abandoned amusement park in Japan.

The Boardwalk Ocean City, Maryland

These haunted homes are sure to get you excited for any and all #Halloween festivities.

The Haunted House Trimper Rides, Ocean City, MD-One of my favorite rides as a child.

Dunes Manor Hotel - Ocean City, MD - Covered in Snow. Winter Getways on the Eastern Shore.

At the Ocean City, Maryland location of Kohr Bros. on the boardwalk these two murals are on the wall. Pretty cool to look back on so many years of a family-run business. ‪#‎KohrBros‬ ‪#‎oceancity‬ ‪#‎boardwalk‬ ‪#‎frozencustard‬ ‪#‎familyowned‬ ‪#‎oceancityicon‬ ‪#‎softserve‬ ‪#‎OCMD‬ ‪#‎maryland‬

Typical beach view at Ocean City MD

Waiting For Thrasher's Fries on the boardwalk of Ocean City, Md. The best boardwalk ever!