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Vintage German Bee Smoker Fogger pipe BeeKeeping Bakelite mouthpiece, wood body | eBay

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Vintage German Bee Smoker Fogger Pipe Bone Mouthpiece Open Wooden Body | eBay

Vintage German Bee Smoker Fogger pipe BeeKeeping wooden mouthpiece, wood body | eBay

Antique Vintage German Austrian Meerschaum KALMASCH Silver Lap Pipe DATE 1904* - NICE! #evintage

Beekeeping Tool Box

Beekeeper's Box - I bet this wouldn't be too hard to make!

Beekeeping Site

All abuzz about modern bee-keeping. Some great new urban inventions even for apartment dwellers :)


Build Your Own: Bee Hive Stand - Show Me The Honey! - Christopher Beeson - Beekeeper Blog - St Louis Missouri


Beekeeping for Beginners, Skeptics and Scaredy-Cats » http://www.greenerideal.com/lifestyle/0522-beekeeping-for-beginners-skeptics-and-scaredy-cats/

In middle Europe, bee skeps come with faces. Further east and north, they are entire bodies of wood carved from whole tree trunks. #bees #skeps #beekeeping

Building Bee Hives

Beekeeping tools

Bee Veil Tutorial (Beekeeping) (DO NOT USE TULLE FOR THIS. I speak from experience. Tulle does not hold up well and you will end up with holes in your veil... and having an upset bee (or 2, or 3..) stuck in your veil is worse than wearing no veil at all. Use nylon net instead.)

That's urban beekeeping!

An apiary is a place where beekeepers keep bees and beehives for the production of honey. Essentially it is a bee farm, whether small or large, and the beekeeper is an apiarist. Domestic honeybees ...

Every garden needs a Bee Skep! Beekeeping in Colonial America was an important part of everyday life. Colonial Gardens included several Bee Skeps to provide honey for the household and beeswax for candles and other necessities. (via The 13th Colony)

Beekeeping Gear.