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    I'd like to thank Momma and Papa Quinn for creating the most beautiful baby ever♥

    Can those jeans get any tighter? Because oh my dear lord! ❤️

    me: i really should stop obsessing over kellin quinn me: yeah not gonna happen sorry.

    Kellin Quinn that boy imma marry someday.....MARRY MEE,KELLIN MARRY ME,MARRY ME,KELLIN QUINN BOTWISCK,PLZ MARRY ME

    You don't need to change who you are. You only need to accept who you are, and everyone else will follow.

    Who ever posted this must not realize that this is a Goo Goo dolls song. I think I have to make a whole new board for this.

    Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens quotes love from a parant because his dad left when he was younger. oh this quote goes for WOMEN TOO. my mom left me.

    Voor evenementen op feestdagen als Koninginnedag moet er ruimte zijn voor een groot publiek en podium. Maar misschien nog wel belangrijker is dat je er ook genoeg ruimte is om het plein te verlaten. (Koen)