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Kellin Quinn

People always ask me why I listen to "demonic" music. Well I have something to tell you. What you might consider demonic, I consider it life saving. It is in no means demonic. This is Vic Fuentes from pierce the veil. I love this band so much and nothing you say can change that

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lol i will use this XD Kellin from sleeping with sirens everyone!

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You have made yourself EXTRA extraordinary.Every single member of my Chemical Romance is my hero<3

Me: Hi Kellin Kellin: Um hey Me: Would you marry me? Kellin: Erm..... Security?

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Pierce The Veil & Kellin Quinn :) Lol that interview is funny when Kellin was with them xD

Kellin Quinn

Kellin Quinn

All My Heart - Sleeping with Sirens

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Sleeping with sirens

it doesn't always have to be suicide; it doesn't have to be self harm. one thing i've learned is never judge someone on how a situation effects them.

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