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Vintage furniture is a great material for cool handmade storage systems. Thomas Wold is a Berkeley-based custom furniture-maker make such systems and sells

More organized. Seems to work best in monochrome. How to Hang Pictures in 20 Different Ways | StyleCaster

20 Unexpected Ways to Hang Pictures on Your Wall

Start planning your dorm room decor with these 20 creative ways to hang pictures.

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25 Awesome DIY Ideas For Bookshelves

IKEA Box Shelves and Ordinary Office Binder Clips. The different size boxes, really make it visually appealing.

Crate collage

Paint the inside of Ikea Storage boxes to make an asymmetrical stackable shelving unit

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Here is another bookcase to love - the Stacked Shelving System, designed by JDS Architects for Muuto. This modular system lets you to create multiple configurations. The units come in three sizes (.