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Palmistry Print

Add color and texture to your décor with this vibrant art printed on high-quality archival paper. By Cat CoquilletteArtist's signature at bottom of printArtwork: W x HFull paper (including blank border): W x HMatte archival paper / inkMade in the USA

The Mystical Heart Diagrams of Paul KaymPaul Kaym was a 17th Century eschatologist who wrote to JB in the summer of 1620, asking the Theosopher to assess two treatises he had written on end-time prophecy. Boehme responded in two letters (numbers 4 and 5 in Collection 1 of THE EPISTLES OF JACOB BOEHME) which Kaym published as OF THE END TIMES. Kaym (sometimes Keym) is best known for his Helleleuchtender Hertzens-Spiegel (A Bright, Shining Heart-Mirror), a visual interpretati

Symboles alchimiques : Emblèmes de Solidonius Alchimie de Nicolas Flamel (1330 ?-1418) Manuscrit à peintures, 395 pages, 23 x 20 cm BnF, Dép...

NAME: SOPHIA which is the Greek version of Her name, other names and titles are Binah (Hebrew -understanding-), Chokmah – (Hebrew – Wisdom), Sapienta (Latin), Mother-Of-All (Gnostic), Holy Spirit (very early Christians), Wisdom (what the other names mean).