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  • Amy Stengel Esparza

    This is Koko. She was a gorilla who astoundingly enough understood and could use American sign language. She used sign language to ask her trainer for a cat. She was fond of cats, and her first kitten was a tailless grey cat who she named All Ball. She was a gentle mother and treated All Ball like her own baby. Unfortunately, All Ball escaped the gorilla cage and was hit by a car. Koko’s trainer told her what had happened. When asked if she wanted to talk about her cat, Koko signed “Cry.”...

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    Gorilla cradles his pet baby kitten which he named Ball because the kitten did not have a tail.

  • Naazi Ziyad

    Koko is a lowland gorilla who has been taught by scientists at Stanford University to communicate in sign language. In 1984 she asked her trainer, Dr. Francine Patterson, for a pet cat. Koko named the pet manx cat “All Ball” and cared for the kitten as if he were a baby gorilla. She would carry All Ball on her back and cuddle him, even dress the cat up in napkins. Read the full text here: --brought to you by mental_floss!

  • Kerri Render

    unlikely animal friends wallpaper - Google Search

  • Arlene Mendiola

    amazing animal friendship

  • Lona Tucker

    "Koko" (and her kitten) learned sign language by just seeing the sign, spoken words and both at the same time. Koko has learned over 1000 signs and can listen to people speak and respond to what they are saying. There is a documentary on you tube that is broken down in to eight videos that show how smart and amazing Koko is. Koko signs "soft good cat cat"

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Amazing Koko with her pet cat. She communicates in American Sign Language. She has a large vocabulary, and creates sentences, even inventing new ideas.

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I not choking you, I be loving you!!