A picture of the entrance, and the groom's reaction. Precious

every girl deserves this moment :) this picture is priceless. i want this reaction

Send in a txt msg to groom before ceremony

Want to have a picture of all my bridesmaids' reactions when they see me in my wedding dress for the first time!

Part TWO <3

What girl doesn't want this reaction

So precious

Bridal party - Photo idea - I love this. You can see both Sides! :) Reactions and the Bride!

Groom, bride and maid of honor pic. You could also add the best man next to the bride and have them high five-ing. Cute. Super cute.

the groom writes on the brides shoes before the wedding, don't read until you put them on before walking down the aisle

Too Cute

Bride shot love the bridesmaids in the back! :)

Flower girl delivers a message from the bride to the groom when she comes down the aisle...GAAAAH! LOVE THIS IDEA!!! ...how many men do you think might have a heart attack before reading the note?

Great photo idea!

I would love this!! - For MOH duty: Have each bridesmaid, mother, mother-in-law, aunts, etc... create a scrapbook page which includes a letter to the bride along with pictures. This is something she can read while she gets ready.

Pre-wedding without groom seeing the bride. I want this.

A shot that's often missed- the bride just before walking down the aisle.

Pre-Wedding Photo! #wedding

pre-wedding picture

gorgeous #wedding #photo

my heart just melted