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Michael Wilson - Freshman, Charlie's roommate and best friends with Isabel and Amelia. I'll probably make him date Amelia for a while too. I don't know. I can have some fun with this guy.

Tom Daley, British Diving Team, I'm obsessed with him

Ryan Lochte...... one of the many reasons why I love the Olympics! It's very important to support the USA's men's swim team :)

If I see one more picture of him saying "Peeta" I'm gonna flip. There's more to him than a big role in a movie you didn't even read the original book!?

This is a face I don't think any girl gets tired of looking at. I know I never do ♥ You can never have too much Tatum.

okay so the one on the right kinda looks like a super glam version of Dano. But like if Dano got Hollywood-ed.

I'm sorry about all my Tom Daley pins....actually, no i'm not cause he's friggin hot so its more like you're welcome:)

asdfghjkl stop looking at me like that zac. it's driving me crazyyy 😍

zac :) im halfway thru reading the Lucky one, cant wait to see movie this weekend with my bookclub pals, but i need to know, have i become a dirty old lady?!?!? this kid makes my blood pump faster!!