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through the dark - one direction<<< probably my favorite song on the album

Through the Dark- One Direction, Midnight Memories

Vanni xx here's my wallpaper

I'm :) not :) crying :) OMG I HOPE YOU ALL HAD A GREAT 8:22!!!! I KNOW I DID!! Check out my instagrams!!!!!! Love all you sisters!

One Direction will help me find my way through the dark...

Unfair. So. Freaking. Un. Fair.>>> im sorry i didnt know this was a competition for whos daddy could by out stadiums

"Through the Dark" by One Direction. ♥

I'm crying because this is supposed to be a transformation post but now they're both fetus

So a girl in my English class says that she love one direction and I asked her a million questions like "who's Kevin?" "Name all of them and point at their pictures" easy stuff like that and she failed all of them. She mixed Louis and Liam up and she was like "OMG MY FAV IS NEIL (yes she said neil) HES SO CUTE AND HES SO BRITISH AND HIS ACCENT IS SO CUTE AND IM GOINF RO THEIR CONCERT IN LIKE A FEW DAYS OMG ILL TOTALLY BE FANGIRLING" I almost slapped her across the face like go to tw fandom

The boys at the WWA Tour press conference - 5/16

I love their stop bullying stuff, it's sweet of them cause of how many people get bullied for being Directioners and how much they get bullied now and even before they were famous.