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日本Kawakami Design工作室(川上元美)设计的“STEP STEP (Stool and Shoehorn)”将板凳和鞋拔子结合起来,非常适合玄关使用,曾获2010年日本家居用品设计大奖。 - 堆糖 发现生活_收集美好_分享图片

Karusell stool


3 points form 1 plane. So no table with 3 legs can ever be unstable. Geometry 💙 Design

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Folding Stool by Jack Smith




Swerve Desk: Marvel at the smooth soft curves of this floating table, how it gently emerges from the wall, how it holds on to it so elegantly. The texture and wood grain are exquisite, the drawers and pulls fitted fluidly and seamlessly. A truly gorgeous piece.

Low round coffee #table CAGE by Tacchini Italia Forniture | #design Gordon Guillaumier #mirror

A chair trying to be a stool, or a stool trying to be a chair ? - Anyway, beautiful!


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nakashima at mjolk

Paper-Wood stools - Drill Design from Japan specialise in product design. Their latest project has given rise to a new material they call Paper-Wood which is composed of wood veneer and colourful sheets of recycled paper.


Paint dipped stools