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IBM Selectric Typewriter . Learned to type on this!

IBM Selectric typewriter balls--60's high tech--desperately wanted!

IBM Selectric typewriter elements

In 1967, IBM announced the IBM Magnetic Tape Selectric Composer. Documents could be typed and recorded on magnetic tape, and then later played back justified. At the same time, IBM was producing the IBM Magnetic Tape Selectric Typewriter, one of the earliest attempts at turning the regular Selectric typewriter into a word processor.

Selectric 1. Máquina de escribir sistema bola / Eliot Noyes 1961 / IBM. EE.UU.

This vintage ads reflect the 50s stiffness of gender roles. It is almost shocking! Brought to you by - everything for your business.

1950s typewriter - Vintage ad-I learned how to type at home during my summers. Yes, my mother made me do it. {g.}

IBM's Selectric typewriter - this was my typewriter (before computer) at Harvard. I loved it! Used one in my first college job.,. Beige.

High School flashback....the Vintage IBM Electric Typewriter CORRECTING Selectric III

IBM Electric Typewriter ... 16th birthday gift (refurbished in Dad's IBM office, in CT)