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All Things Cedar TT5P-Octagon 5-Piece Outdoor Folding Octagon Table Set

Studio Weave's coloured decking timber is laid in a herringbone pattern, a nod to London-based Studio Weave's name and London College of Fashion (LCF)'s roots.

SunTex by #PhiferInc is a strong woven mesh that can block 80-95% of the sun’s hot rays before they enter your window. Perfect for outdoor blinds and sun shading applications. SunTex fabrics can be used for your patio, motorized shades, porch shades, window screen or canopy. Reduce bills, save energy and protect your home from UV damage.

Chill Out: 10 Cool Ways to Beat the Heat Outdoors

rustic wood patio covers | If you do decide to grow vines on your pergola, choose strong and ...

Outdoors: Modern Townhouse Garden Roundup

now that we can buy these chairs in bright colours just about everywhere (and I bought mine as originals at full price), I am tempted to change my Ellipse Chairs to rope - just to make them unique all over again.... time to move on once something comes out at Woolworths!...