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I have and I'm just so happy as can be!❤️Thank you so much! I'm so glad people actually enjoy my taste in things lol! I love when you guys talk to me, there's a few of you that are so much like me I feel like I know you personally. LOVE YOU GUYS!

Perhaps instead of loving others we love me instead than others.

Fibromyalgia is the AND in your Life, not what Defines your Life. Yes, you are wired differently. Yes we suffer- but don't you dare call yourself a fibro sufferer.you are a Fibro Fighter and you aren't messed up you are just a Limited Edition my loves.

how to put the pin it button at the bottom of your post

So true! Oh how I love to open the mailbox and see a new catalog or magazine! It's the little things.

I think this everyday walking the streets of San Francisco

Sometimes I think to myself I wish my eyes were really a camera I would have captured so many wonderful photos! Sometimes the camera can't get what you see through your eyes.

I'm pretty sure that I've been on the receiving end of this comment more than once! !

Reading about the scientific work people have devoted decades of their lives to makes me feel less neurotic. by butterflymyst

For now Pinterest is a drug, at least until a new distraction comes along!

Eat. Sleep. Pin

I am retired. I like to pin. I pin all day, I pin all thru the night. I pin & pin with all my might.