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Mr. Jingeling at Halles 7th floor

Mr. Jingeling, the "Keeper of the Keys", has long been a mainstay of the holidays in Cleveland, Ohio. Mr. Jingeling first appeared on the Cleveland airwaves of WEWS TV in 1956 as a spokesman for the Halle Brothers department store. The original idea behind Mr. Jingeling was to promote the toys that Halle's was featuring at their store.

Clevelanders...did you get one of these? Do you remember Mr. Jingeling's theme song: Mr. Jingeling, how you ting-a-ling, Keeper of the Keys! On Halle’s seventh floor, we’ll be looking for You to turn the Keys! Keeping track of Santa’s pack And Treasure House of toys, Wind-up things that Santa brings To all the good little girls and boys Mr. Jingeling, how you ting-a-ling, Keeper of the Keys! On Halle’s Seventh floor we’ll be looking for You to turn the Keys!

Mr. Jingeling's key when you visited

Mr. Jing-A-Ling had a kid's show..I loved seeing Mr.Jing-a-Ling on Halle's 7th Floor. His stories were a must see after returning home from school.

Public Square, Key Tower

you can find this on the beach in Key West. That's where I found it. =)

Key Tower, Ohio, US

The Florida Keys & Key West - Photo Adventure

Key Tower, Ohio, US

Higbee's fifth floor renovation, officially opned June 7, 1965 :: Cleveland Press Collection

Rock Hall Reflected Cleveland

1. Halle Berry

Oh my gosh,....eating peanuts and throwing shells on the floor...still remember the crunch when you walked in.

Severance Hall, Cleveland, OH

Keeper of the Keys

The Agora was at 1730 E. 24th

A booklet of holiday recipes from the old tea room at Halle Brothers Co. in Cleveland, Ohio

ClevelandSGS was feeling nostalgic and broke out the old Cleveland Zoo Key. This piece of CLE history always makes us reminisce about visits to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo as children.  This particular key is “Packey” the Elephant.  If you grew up here you remember that you would insert good ole’ Packey’s trunk into the keyhole and wait for the talking storybook (narrated by Linn Sheldon).

1966 supermarket...no scanning...Look at the cash register...Also look everyone! No scooters...or droopy drawers...

Halle Berry, actress, born in Cleveland, Ohio.