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  • Jodi Cavaco

    Keep your bread fresh with the celery trick. | put a fresh celery stalk in the bread bag

  • ♚ Judi ♚ Marash ♚

    How to make bread stay fresher longer

  • Pie Shop

    Keep your bread fresh with the celery trick. :Pie Shop #pie #shop #atlanta #buckhead #slice #dessert #yum #sweet #baking #kitchen #tradition #sweet #savory #lunch #pieshop #wedding #birthday #specialorder

  • Jessica Dumas

    Zestyflavors: Gorgeous White Bread!

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Scallions/green onions: The best way to keep them fresh seems to be in a jar filled with an inch or two of water. We remove the rubber band, stand the scallions in the jar, cover the whole thing with a plastic bag, and keep it in the fridge. Stored this way, the scallions stay crisp for about a week.

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Break your bananas apart and increase their counter life. Alas, if you MUST keep them bunched, wrap the stems in aluminum foil. - Way To Waste Less Food

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