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Happens to me all the time!

HAHA! - Page 40

Checking your phone for the time - again. (funny,quotes,phones) YES!

You win every time!

haha our youth minister did this to a bunch of kids at VBS last year. they all got mad XD

All the time.

Teenager Post That awkward moment when you're in super deep thought. Then 3 minutes later you realize you are staring directly at someone

Omg this happens to me all the time!!

Or they walk up to you later and ask if you understood that math question that morning and you are like, "uhm. I didn't even realize that you were gone." true that

happens all the time to me

Teenager Post - Whenever I try cleaning my room I either end up making a bigger mess, or just playing with the things I thought I lost.

I can so relate!

I do this more often than I'd like to admit. I count wondering if I really want to read more, then I start reading more, get hooked, and I end up not being able to put the book down until I get the answers I want. Only for school books tho lol

that would suck trying to look up a dubstep song.     "WAAAAB wub wub wub AHAAAA EEEEP wub wub wub PeeewWWW"

Not just a teenager thing to do, I do that all the time. I'll even write down the lyrics I think will give me the best chance to find the song if I'm not near a computer.

Everytime! Lol

*Sighs* I used to do this running up from the basement. Now I live in Florida. People here don't have this so called "basement".