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What to say when a potential client thinks you’re too expensive

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Balsamic Steak Skewers

@FitToSavor Says: Kebobs are an easy yet impressive dish to serve at a cookout! And they're also a great way to streeeeetch more expensive cuts of beef!

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How to say no to pension funds and yes to art

For over 35 years, Oiva Toikka has created the Birds collection. His limitless imagination and knowledge of glass has made it possible to create small miracles of life, sought after by collectors globally. Each bird is individually mouth blown and thus un

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Sea Salt. Kosher Salt. Crazy Expensive Salt: What's the Deal?

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raw chocolates with bee pollen, lucuma and he shou wu {gluten free}

my love affair with chocolate runs long and deep. i have always loved the richness, the sweetness and the exotic flavor of chocolate. that isn't to say that all chocolate tastes exotic. those twix bars for instance, nothing exotic about those. i have to admit, i love cheap and expensive chocolate, and although i don't discriminate, i no longer allow myself to buy the cheap stuff. the truth it, it is full of crap. plus, i can't justify buying chocolate that is not fair trade. if you are…

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What's the Most Expensive Salt Money Can Buy?

There's a lot more to the world of salt than what's on your dinner table. This is the world's most expensive salt, and it's intense!

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The Amazing Benefits Of Saffron

The Amazing Benefits Of Saffron-Saffron is one of those ubiquitous herbs touted by chefs and extremely expensive. But if you’ve heard of it, have you ever tried enough to know what it tastes like? While people always seem to crave chocolate or soy sauce or mangos or salt, I have never heard a single person say, “I could really use some saffron on this lamb chop.” But they should. Not only is saffron very tasty, it is also packed with surprising natural healing properties.

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Sea Salt. Kosher Salt. Crazy Expensive Salt: What's the Deal?

Sea Salt. Kosher Salt. Crazy Expensive Salt: What's the Deal? - differences in these salts explained.