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I would, with out any hesitation, tattoo this on my body. lotr fo life♥

Getting this text in remembrance of my uncle Greg. LOTR!

This is my third tattoo, the one ring quote from Lord of the Rings!  Done by Sharuzen @ Tattoo Crew, Kingston, UK

Tree of Gondor but more towards the ankle

This is my third tattoo. I got it done by Jesse Rix who owns Secret Lake Tattoo in Keene, NH. I got this tattoo because I love Hunter S. Thompson’s writing and the way he lived his life. It also reminds me what I have lost. Friends and family and my way at one point in my life. It also reminds me of the moments I decided to get back to a honest way of life. It is a great reminder everyday.

I got my first tattoo at Portside tattoo collective in Vancouver by a very talented lady names Trish. The moon tarot card is the 18th in the deck. I am currently 18 and this year has been one of the craziest years of my life… I felt like I needed to commemorate it with something beautiful.

Sue Jeiven| -s3xy- I love this, I love the sheep horns and the mystical or magical feel about this tattoo. -

Doodle tattoo. I absolutely love this! (Comment from previous pinner) I love this too, you could probably do your own doodles and then have them tattooed!!!

arm or the back of your legs in my mind^^ would never get, but still so neat