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Parrot Disco Giant Drone Is A Plane That Flies At 50 MPH

Parrot Disco Giant Drone Is A Plane That Flies At 50 MPH - #drone #plane #toys

Air Hogs RC Megabomb Heli Special Edition – Bomb Dropping RC Helicopter – Black


Parrot's New Fix-Wing Drone Is a 50 MPH Party in the Sky

Aerofex Develops a Working Hover Bike That's Straight Out of Return of the Jedi!

California-based tech company Aerofex has released a video of it new bike, which flies over the ground thanks to two large fans. Test flights so far have been limited to 30 mph, so while it might not be ready for a high-speed chase through the forest, it still makes me this of Luke and Leia on a hover craft race in Star Wars on Endor.

The 9 Strangest Flying Robots from the World’s Biggest Drone Show | 4. The Eturnas D, a semi-solar-powered drone from DII, has a seven-foot wingspan and weighs just 10 pounds. Solar-powered drones aren’t new, but integrating them into new frames is an ever-evolving art. The Eturnas can fly for six hours at 27 mph or 1.2 hours at 45 mph. [The Future of Drones: Drones for Sale:]

It's 2012, so where's my flying car? (photos

The Honda Fuzo prototype is an ideal personal flying car. Four turbines propel the vehicle, which is in theory capable of speeds of up to 400 mph. #flyingcars

Flying car: The Moller M200G Volantor. $90,000. The Moller's high speed is just 50 mph & it can fly for up to 90 minutes. Not bad for a first Jetsons' car!

Parrot's New Fixed-Wing Drone Is a 50 MPH Party in the Sky

Moller M 400 Skycar interesting. It is a 4 passenger skycar and cruises at 275 mph. Is a prototype personal VTOL aircraft – a "flying car" – invented by Paul Moller who has been attempting to develop such vehicles for fifty years. Wikipedia Top speed: 330 mph (531 km/h) Length: 19' 6" (5.94 m) Share and Enjoy! #asiandate