I hate the thought of bird cages, so I love this image.

Red birds in cages art PRINT HipHeart by Lori Ramotar via Etsy.

"Bird on a Tin Fence" -Diana Mulder

Free As A Bird ( I Wish I Could Make It All Better) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Sing Your Song #words to live by #typography #art

"Set Free" painting by Valerie Sjodin


she finally set herself free

Pascal Campion

fly free

Free bird printable


Saatchi Online Artist Loui Jover; Drawing, "bird cage" #art

I've always had a thing for bird cages as decorations but have never found the right one

red birds on a wire

Hummingbirds. My grandmother loved hummingbirds, this watercolor makes me think of her. When I sit on my back patio in early summers, the desert willow blooming across the pool with little hummingbirds buzzing around it, I think of her - what I would give for her to be sitting out there with me, enjoying a glass of tea and just talking.


Watercolor by Gary Manly - I had a great deal of trouble trying to paint with watercolours, especially having to paint birds. I found it hard to get the details of the many feathers with the media but this artists has shown a good prowess with watercolours. He has give me a few ideas for when I am attempting watercolour again, one is to do a close up area instead of having to paint the entire bird and another is to keep the colours light it nature.

Kate's beautiful art.

Love Birds Tree Branches