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And people ask why I don't respect this man...

This is a good plan. ~ I love God & my God is a God of love not hate! He loves the sinner but hates the sin. We as Christians should do the same... by standing for what is right but having the decency to do our level best to love those who do not agree with us into the kingdom of God :)

I love it when Barry says "everyone agrees, most folks think I did a pretty good job", BUT facts and reality show that most folks, including a PEW research poll, indicate the country is headed in the wrong direction, and that most 2012 voters casting their ballot for BO, regret that decision.

Indeed. Wasn't Michigan already recounting? Then they made them recount, again? When does it stop? Stein even admits she doesn't expect she lost votes. Why do a recount, then?

It would suck for you to admit the truth wouldn't it. He's ore than just a narc BTW. he's lying to everyone. EVERYONE, including you, dear sweet enablers....