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Sometimes it takes the most meticulously-laid plans to achieve true chaos, and no one understands this better than London-based photographer Piotr Gregorczyk, whose Flying Food series captures the topsy-turvy projectiles of lavish meals as they leap from the plates on which they have been so carefully arranged.

A Remarkable Photo Series That Captures Flying Food in Mid-Air Just Before It Lands

Art director Nora Luther and photographer Pavel Becker built a food styling scenario where we can’t find an already prepared meal, but we see the food suspended in the air prepared to fall into the plate to be transformed into a wonderful dish with the help of some magical hands. Instead of offering us a meal beautifully cooked, they give us clues about the ingredients and let us use our imagination to lead us to the final picture of the dish.

Moving Food Series by Nora Luther and Pavel Becker

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Photography style Fun, bright and crisp Gravity-Defying Meal Photography - Flying Food by Piotr Gregorczyk Showcases Healthy Ingredients (GALLERY) flying food

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To me, the challenge of food styling is being artistic yet keeping the focus on the food and making it look good. Some of these photos pull it off really well.

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