sam pottorff❤baby face....just adorable


Connor Franta

Can I just slather Ryan Gosling and all of his boyish charm on a piece of toast? He's the most beautiful man I have ever seen.

Kian Lawley. #O2L

Kian Lawley and Sam Pottorff ;)

Connor Franta Ricky Dillion Sam Pottorff JC Caylen Trevor Moran Kian Lawley -The Boys of O2L-

Sam pottorff :) ❤❤

Sam Pottorff. (: #sam #pottorff #lawlorff


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Sam Pottorff and Kian Lawley

Kian Lawley and Sam Pottorff

He's too adorable

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sam pottorff

troye understands


"California Boys (Sam Pottorff and Kian Lawley Fanfic)" by airbear102301 - "Ally Jones moved to California meeting two dreamy boys. Will there be more? ;)…"