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Top seeds to grow with children

Runner beans - If your child is a fan of Jack and The Beanstalk, why not encourage them to plant their own magic beans? Runner beans are really easy to grow and can be germinated in a glass jar so your child can watch their daily progress. Read more:

The Kitchen Experiment Garden: Growing Plants from Food Scraps

Grow a windowsill garden with your kids using food scraps (with a free printable to keep track of your progress) - another great Earth Day activity

This article was front page, above the fold in a local Sunday paper. It is about my husband and his interesting business venture with International Isotopes. This has been a project that has required very careful PR and communications planning and so far they have done a super job in handling the various publics involved.

Landscaping Natural Playspaces for Children - Our Progress so far

Landscaping natural playspaces for children - Tips, inspiration, project ideas and our progress over the last year. Mummy Musings and Mayhem

Do you have progress reports looming? How about a handy dandy template to help save you some valuable time and keep you on track? This quick and easy progress report template has you covered. I drafted this clean and simple little ditty a few weeks ago to help me get through the progress report process.

Gifts for the Bereaved | The Grief Toolbox I never know what to do, so this list is a great place to start.

15 Things You Need to Have the Best Backyard in the Neighborhood!

Want to be known in the neighborhood as the best backyard in town? Get all the kids flocking to your yard by outfitting your outdoor space with a few key items. First, make it comfy! Add weatherproof furniture and throw pillows. Pick up an assortment of lawn games, such as cornhole and Spikeball. For the ultimate crowd pleaser, buy an inflatable water slide. A ping pong table will appeal to the parents, too. Visit eBay’s guide to 15 things you need to have the best backyard in the ‘hood!