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A congressman and two journalists are killed in Jonestown before the mass suicide of more than 900 of Reverend Jim Jones' followers. "The Seventies," Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Chancey Allen Luna, who gunned down a college baseball player in Oklahoma simply because he and his two friends "had nothing to do," is now a convicted murderer.

A Miami-Dade judge and a man charged with burglary had a rare, heartfelt moment in court. CNN affiliate <a href=" target="_blank">WSVN</a> has the details.

Congress must act to ensure that we have a strong and comprehensive federal hate crimes law, not one riddled by legal and technical machinations.

Two sets of identical twins are reunited with each other after they were separated and switched at birth over 20 years ago. CNN's <a href=" target="_blank">Brooke Baldwin</a> has more.

News that a Japanese maglev train had reached a top speed of close to 400 miles per hour made headlines. So why can't America have high-speed trains? See this & more at:

A <a href=" target="_blank">NASA satellite detected</a> the first sign of a black hole light years away from Earth on Jun Astronomers around the world are studying the event.