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كبة مبرومة

فتة كوسا كتير طيبة :)

Classic Chicken Liver Pâté: The other night after work, I had to decide between 2 snacks: my usual squares of dark chocolate, or this chicken liver pâté. It’s a testament to how ridiculously tasty and satisfying this pâté is that I chose the latter…

This is a splendid vegetarian recipe for scotch eggs that yields an envious crisp outer layer. It truly comes into it’s own when paired with the tahini dressing & mixed green leafs.

"Gaz" - A sweet, chewy Persian pistachio nougat

Turmeric and Saffron: The Art of Making Persian Tah-Dig

Iraqi Watermelon Rind Jam Ingredients: 1 kg. – 2 lb. watermelon rind, measured after slicing off the red pulp and hard green outer peel 3 cups granulated sugar 1/2 cup honey 2 strips lemon peel or 2 small pieces of peeled fresh ginger 4 whole pods cardamom 2 tablespoons lemon juice This sounds very interesting and I have to try it!

Recipe: Couscous Recipe - How To Make A Perfect Algerian Dish

With crispy toasted noodles, ashta cream and sweet syrup, Osmalieh bel Ashta is a luscious Lebanese treat worth trying at @Four Seasons Hotel Beirut

أكلات شامية -- كبّة لبنية

قرنابيط مقلي



Ali Nazik Kebab; tender pieces of lamb stew served over the smoked eggplant and garlic yoghurt puree


الكشكة الخضراء على طريقة ضياء | مطبخ ضياء

مفروكة الفستق

Moroccan Chicken - want to try this with salmon

Turkish Food Passion: Borek with Ground Beef (Kıymalı Börek)

Leafs (left to right): Parsley, Coriander, Basil & Mint.


Saffron Chicken #Persian Food

From Saudi: Kebdah - Lamb Liver with Tomato. Find the recipe on Destination Jeddah!

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Saleeg - Hejazi food ( Saudi Arabia) the secret is in cardamom and Misttakah!