"Olaf your melting!" "Some people are worth melting for. But maybe not right this second"


I love Olaf

Frozen. "Just maybe not right this second!"

#quote#Olaf ❤ Frozen


Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff

Favorite Olaf quotes... except i would add "some people are worth melting for" and "who's the funny looking donkey over there... And who's the reindeer... Oh, the makes it easy for me." and "Who's my cute little reindeer."

I don't even know what to say to this... XD XD << HAHA

Olaf - Frozen. LOVE this movie!!


*ELSA & ANNA as children ~ Frozen, 2013....Building Olaf


Love this movie! You can't watch it and not get choked up at the during this part of the movie!

What a magical childhood!

Olaf :]

Olaf meets Anna & Kristoff - "Yeah, why?"

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Used to have this pic as my phone wallpaper! Love the quote, too.