Organic Chocolate Caramel with Sea Salt (55%). Satisfy your sweet and salty cravings all at once with crunchy caramel bits and sea salt crystals in a rich chocolate bar:) Equal Exchange partners with farmer-owned cooperatives in the Dominican Republic, Panama, Peru and Ecuador to source high-quality organic cacao. Their chocolate bars are also made with fair trade sugar from Paraguay and vanilla from Madagascar! Brought to you from Whole Foods! #greendorm

Chocolate-Matcha Grissini With Anglesey Sea Salt

Cacao's premium drinking chocolate mix: If you're going to drink hot chocolate, make it the good stuff. It doesn't get much better than Cacao's decadent house-made drinking chocolates. This premium blend of dark chocolate from Bolivia and the Dominican Republic is a velvety, rich balance between bitter and sweet. $25 for a 12-ounce jar.

chocOlate caramel shortbread bars

Chocolate Bundt Cake with Stout Caramel Sauce #lowcarb #sugarfree #recipe

Authentic Suburban Gourmet: Chocolate Buttermilk Donuts with Salted Caramel Sauce

Francois Pralus chocolate 100%. That's right, 100% dark chocolate. Dare you!

arabica coffee | Madécasse Eating Chocolate | Madagascar Chocolate

75%, madagascar

Chocolate Bars: 61% Venezuela - 71% Madagascar - 90% Trés Noir by the Danish chocolaterie Summerbird

Dark Devil’s Food Cacao Cake With Fondant Asparagus Frosting

Raspberry and Cocoa Linzer Torte:) Named for Linz, Austria, this is one of the oldest known cakes, mentioned in cookbooks as early as 1653. Because chocolate and berries are such a delicious pair, a bit of cocoa to the crust is added:) This is a great vegetarian dessert from Whole Foods! #greendorm

Eco Tips: How To Be Green While At A Restaurant. Whitney talks about many other tips you can use everywhere you go not just restaurants. You can start up conversations with people who don't really know a lot about being sustainable with these environmentally friendly tips:) #greendorm

NEW Annie's Organic Pepperoni Frozen Pizza from Whole Foods Market. An easy-to-make fast meal for school when you're having that pizza craving while studying:) Delicious rising crust made with all organic ingredients! Available in Pepperoni, 4 Cheese, Supreme, Spinach & Mushroom! Make your pick with these delicious toppings:) #greendorm

Whole Foods Market Alaskan Salmon Burgers. I don't know about you, but these sounded really good to me and can be easily cooked by baking or you can pan-fry it for a convenient dinner:) Sourced from the waters of Alaska, the salmon is MSC-certified (Marine Stewardship Council) and carefully selected to make only the best quality burgers! #greendorm

IZZE SPARKLING LEMON from Whole Foods Market. Take a little break from studying with these refreshing drinks for you and your friends:) Made with all natural flavors! Made with 70% juice, sparkling water, and other natural flavors. This is an exclusive limited-edition flavor so hurry in for this limited time offer! #greendorm

WOMEN'S SPORTS PANTS. Fashionable sweat pants you can show off at the gym or just wear them comfortable exercising in your room:) Straight-cut sports pants in fast-drying, functional stretch jersey fabric with a rib-knit waistband. H are always environmentally conscious with their products:) Only $24.95! #greendorm

Clean up your dorm with this All Purpose Cleaner Citrus (spray)! Clean every surface with a purpose! Exclusive, eco-conscious cleaner with no phosphates, phthalates or chlorine ingredients provides a truly clean home and a cleaner planet, too. The refreshing citrus scent comes from natural essential oils, and all packaging is recyclable and made from post-consumer recycled materials:) Brought to you from WholeFoods. #greendorm