Organic Chocolate Caramel with Sea Salt (55%). Satisfy your sweet and salty cravings all at once with crunchy caramel bits and sea salt crystals in a rich chocolate bar:) Equal Exchange partners with farmer-owned cooperatives in the Dominican Republic, Panama, Peru and Ecuador to source high-quality organic cacao. Their chocolate bars are also made with fair trade sugar from Paraguay and vanilla from Madagascar! Brought to you from Whole Foods! #greendorm

Chocolate Bundt Cake with Stout Caramel Sauce #lowcarb #sugarfree #recipe

IZZE SPARKLING LEMON from Whole Foods Market. Take a little break from studying with these refreshing drinks for you and your friends:) Made with all natural flavors! Made with 70% juice, sparkling water, and other natural flavors. This is an exclusive limited-edition flavor so hurry in for this limited time offer! #greendorm

chocOlate caramel shortbread bars

Whole Foods Market Alaskan Salmon Burgers. I don't know about you, but these sounded really good to me and can be easily cooked by baking or you can pan-fry it for a convenient dinner:) Sourced from the waters of Alaska, the salmon is MSC-certified (Marine Stewardship Council) and carefully selected to make only the best quality burgers! #greendorm

Raspberry and Cocoa Linzer Torte:) Named for Linz, Austria, this is one of the oldest known cakes, mentioned in cookbooks as early as 1653. Because chocolate and berries are such a delicious pair, a bit of cocoa to the crust is added:) This is a great vegetarian dessert from Whole Foods! #greendorm

Cacao's premium drinking chocolate mix: If you're going to drink hot chocolate, make it the good stuff. It doesn't get much better than Cacao's decadent house-made drinking chocolates. This premium blend of dark chocolate from Bolivia and the Dominican Republic is a velvety, rich balance between bitter and sweet. $25 for a 12-ounce jar.

Clean up your dorm with this All Purpose Cleaner Citrus (spray)! Clean every surface with a purpose! Exclusive, eco-conscious cleaner with no phosphates, phthalates or chlorine ingredients provides a truly clean home and a cleaner planet, too. The refreshing citrus scent comes from natural essential oils, and all packaging is recyclable and made from post-consumer recycled materials:) Brought to you from WholeFoods. #greendorm

NEW OttLite CREATIVE HD NATURAL DAYLIGHT LAMP "Hot Pink":) (Also comes in a variety of other fun colors!) You can detach it and clip it anywhere in your room or dorm! Is also flexible depending on where you want to shine this efficient light:) Brought to you from GREEN Ebay. #greendorm

6 NEW Smart Planet Canteen BPA(Bisphenol A)-Free Stainless Steel Water Bottles -Eco GREEN! This is a great bottle you can take anywhere with you to refill and stay hydrated while you're working out or where ever you go:) Can stay cooler for longer and made with recyclable steel! Brought to you from Ebay. #greendorm

Authentic Suburban Gourmet: Chocolate Buttermilk Donuts with Salted Caramel Sauce

NEW Annie's Organic Pepperoni Frozen Pizza from Whole Foods Market. An easy-to-make fast meal for school when you're having that pizza craving while studying:) Delicious rising crust made with all organic ingredients! Available in Pepperoni, 4 Cheese, Supreme, Spinach & Mushroom! Make your pick with these delicious toppings:) #greendorm

Eco Tips: How To Be Green While At A Restaurant. Whitney talks about many other tips you can use everywhere you go not just restaurants. You can start up conversations with people who don't really know a lot about being sustainable with these environmentally friendly tips:) #greendorm

A “plug” that actually charges your Apple® devices without the electrical cable! The Plug Charger can be recharged through USB charging cable, which it comes with.To charge Apple® device, simply remove the plug cap to expose the connector that can be inserted directly into the Apple® device for immediate charging of the battery! Compatible with Apple® 30-pin devices, such as iPhone 3 / 3GS / 4 / 4S / iPod / iPad. From Omoi Zakka Shop. #greendorm

Chocolate-Matcha Grissini With Anglesey Sea Salt

WOMEN'S SPORTS PANTS. Fashionable sweat pants you can show off at the gym or just wear them comfortable exercising in your room:) Straight-cut sports pants in fast-drying, functional stretch jersey fabric with a rib-knit waistband. H are always environmentally conscious with their products:) Only $24.95! #greendorm