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Shazam-Captain Marvel inks by cooperdraw

Captain Marvel Pinup by Joseph Cooper and John Livesay Comic Art

Billy Batson was a terrible foster child. After the death of his parents and his treatment thereafter Billy had become cold and cruel to most people. Growing selfish and heartless, he went from foster home to foster home until he landed in an orphanage in Philadelphia and was partially forced to live with a new family; the Vasquezes. After being adopted he moves to the Vazquez's home where he meets the rest of their family, who are also adopted. It is immediately apparent that Billy does ...

William Batson (Prime Earth)

Read the new 52 Shazam and I loved it. Still prefer though young justice and the animated shorts superman/Saharan vs black Adam shazam though

True Nerd, herochan: Justice League Illustrations by Kim...

Justice League Illustrations by Kim Intae

Billy Batson was an orphan chosen to be a champion of good by a wizard who gifted Batson with the power of six legendary Greek figures, and when he spoke the wizard’s name, he became an adult hero empowered by gods. Captain Marvel, by Kim Intae.

Concept art of Shazam from Injustice: Gods Among Us by Hunter Schulz

Injustice Gods Among Us Concept Art: What if The Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Nightwing Looked Like This in a Movie?

Shazam!by Shinobi19 Fan Art / Cartoons & Comics / Digital / Movies & TV©2014 Shinobi19

by Fan Art / Cartoons & Comics / Digital / Movies & Nope. Forever and always, down with lawsuits he will always be captain marvel

Captain Marvel Shazam | Captain_Marvel_and_Miracle_man_by_el_grimlock

Captain Marvel Filler Material

Captain Marvel and Miracleman by el-grimlock in Marvel Comics Superheroes: Showcase of Colorful Fan Artworks. Part 1

Shazam by Daniel Scott Gabriel Murray *

The Hero formerly known as Captain Marvel Poster by archangelgabriel on deviantART

thehappysorceress:  Captain Marvel by William Grapes, color by Wil Brendel Magic Monday

thehappysorceress: Captain Marvel by William Grapes, color by Wil Brendel Magic Monday