I'm coming!!!

Shih Tzu Clicker Training OMG so cute when he goes up with his paws up

what a face!

Sure, they'll do things while you're at work (like practice their cool dance moves). |

Sweet dreams Shih tzu!

5 Longest living Dog Breeds | The Pet's Planet - Chihuahuas can live 18+ years. *I've read elsewhere that spayed/neutered pets are statistically more long-lived.

adorable puppy

look at that smile:)

21 Dogs Dressed as Other Animals for Halloween - CollegeHumor Article

OMG This dogs face is hilarious :D



i could only imagine this is what my animals said to themselves when i was annoying!!!

This is why I love my Shih tzu!


My baby girl- "Furby"

From THE BOOK STOPS HERE, a Bibliophile Mystery: Seated across from me was the owner of the book we would be discussing. She was a pretty, middle-aged woman with an impressive bosom and thick black hair styled in the biggest bouffant hairdo I’d ever seen. (Okay, I admit, this picture doesn't capture Vera perfectly, but I couldn't resist it!)

I WILL have a Great Dane one day!

Firefighter Wife Sweatpants Perfect for my mom and Don