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    Coolest sleeping bag EVAR.

    • Tina Donal

      Bear Sleeping Bag... Really cute idea... But I'm afraid I'd wake up while camping with a randy bear on top of me... :/

    • Shi Riggins

      AWESOME! Brilliant idea until you dream you're being chased by a bear, and you wake up out of the terror to see that you're lying inside a bear. Then you try to claw your way out of it and in the process wake up your tent-mates. Delirious with sleep, they see a large bear-like thing flailing about in their tent. BEST CAMPING TRIP EVER.

    • l b

      Bear sleeping bag! { need this!!} Awesome for camping - keeping the wild animals away.

    • Skreened

      A bear sleeping bag? yes. we will take 20. #bear #sleepingbag #nap #sleep #animals

    • Alicia Tung

      Cool bear sleeping bag. Not really sure if this is a good idea for camping though

    • Claudia Bruner

      Bear sleeping bag! Not practical for camping but its freaking awesome!

    • Trace Dorsey

      Bear sleeping bag and a lot of other cool stuff!

    • Christine Nelson

      bear sleeping bag, funny to take camping!

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