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just keep doing the stupid things that no one else would dare, and create your personality.

the only thing i am repinning this for is the dress. <3

Go Sit On A Cactus denim jacket with leather engraved varsity back patches made by #understatedleather Hippie | Gypsy | Boho | Street Style | Fashion Inspo

Shot by Ryan Kenny Fashion Magazine

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Les essentiels de Lise Watier pour l’été

Soft Ghetto, Hella Dope or Hella Nope. | GRAVERAVENS

#smoke #rock #lonely #grunge #grungy #rebel

I was known as the rebel of the school. Always breaking dress code, getting into fights, even the principal was afraid of me. No one ever dared to glance my way. That is, until the new guy decided to challenge "What's up with your attitude?" [creds to Morgana le fay]

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