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True...and I'm so grateful for all of them, even (and maybe, especially) the ones who are no longer a part of it.

Ha! I knew it! However, if someone doesnt want to hear it, they still get pissed at you when you tell them. Hopefully others dont have my luck, and their friends realize they only said it because the person loves them. Instead of hating you for it for the rest of forever....

And that's why I'm still here and stronger than you'll ever dream of being. I don't NEED a man to have what I have...

Kindred spirits. I have those girlfriends like this. I've yet to find my best friend, my husband. Is this how I'll know you're the one?

quotes about friendship quotes about friendship A true friend is someone

Yes, this is very nice and useful.Take back this and please taste it too. Flash back what you did before and think that isn`t you also need to learn about friendship loyalty? Or your friendship loyalty earn by peep others private msg, ignore people's privacy, and take the advantage to destroy people's friendship?